Search Engine Optimization

  • We Design your Google, Facebook & Microsoft's Bing Business Pages.
  • We Create a consistent business identity across all social media & business pages with photos, articles, and company information.
  • We conduct Key Phrase Analysis Research for your industry category.
  • We insert key phrasing into your website.
  • We then submit website site maps, meta and schema data to Google & MS Bing search engines.

Working to get listed on the front page.

Getting your page listed on the front page of Google Search Results can be challenging at times depending on your industry category. There are many factors that determine Search Engine Optimization. A lot of time is spent on Key Word / Key Phrase Analysis.  Once those key words and key phrasing are identified we custom tailor and focus your website's content.

Location, Location, Location...

Search engines like Google are now primarily focusing on providing front page search results for service and brick & mortar companies as close as possible to the users location.  If you are within a 10 mile radius your business should show up.

An Example:

Basically if you are a AC repair company located in Cape Coral, FL Google will not display your Company information down in Naples, FL unless we create paid advertising campaigns see our Digital Marketing Service for more details. Google will only display relevant search results for companies that are closest to the user searching for AC Repair Service.  Reasonably your business should show up with a 5-10 mile radius.

Organic Search Results

In order to show up naturally on the front page of search listings we need to provide new fresh and relevant content.  For best practice in Search Engine Optimization, most business will need to create fresh relevant content once a week. That content then needs to be linked across all social media platforms and your website. Written articles, photos, online reviews, videos all help to draw an audience.

A Final Thought

Concerning Search Engine Optimization, some businesses do better than others.  In a popular metro area with 1 million plus residents a restaurant located in a trendy neighborhood can easily generate 10,000+ website visits per month.  In that particular urban neighborhood there may only be 15-20 local restaurants.

An AC repair company located in Cape Coral may only get 200-500 Visits per month.  If you simply google ac repair in Cape Coral you will also get well over 50 different companies all competing for the top search results.  This market is saturated an requires additional digital marketing effort.